Kaleidoscope Painter

Kaleidoscope painter - draw using colors and patterns in mirror to create symmetric art images and mandala drawing online.
Could be used as a simple mandala painter for beginners because it helps creating the pattern shapes used in this art, or to create art designs similar to the beautiful ones created with a spirograph.

You can increase the brush size, select different colors with the color picker or increase/decrease the number of symmetries in the painter using the sliders from the top.
To clear the painting board press the Clear button and when your drawing is complete just Download the image.
To increase the image resolution use Ctrl - from you keyboard or on a mobile device just zoom out, this way you will increase the pixels density on the created image.
Detailed options:
Brush Size: slide to change the brush size or just type a value in the input on the right. The Auto Size checkbox on the right enables a 3D effect on the drawing pad.
Color: You can manually select the color or leave enabled the Random Color checkbox from the right. Also you can modify how fast the transition between colors is made, by default is 10 frames.
Symmetries: slide to change the number of symmetries or type a value in the input on the right.

The web app has a kaleidoscope drawing pad with some simple options where the user can draw in symmetry amazing graphic designs. Can be used on any browser on Windows, Mac or Linux, on mobile android phone and tablet, iPhone or iPad.

A kaleidoscope is an optical device that creates symmetrical patterns of an image. In basic will multiply the shapes and colors through mirrors reflection creating a beautiful pattern image. That's what this kaleidoscope painter app is trying to reproduce. Human brain loves patterns, so feel free to play an create your own art images using the kaleidoscope painting tool.

Stock images - Find an image or create one using the free tools available. Generative art and design images, algorithmic art images, processing art images, pattern images and symmetry. Interactive generative art, draw something and download the image.